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At Irish Pressings we offer a one-stop solution to your pressings needs with prototypes, tooling, pressed part production with 2D and 3D machining and wiring carried out in house.

We have a highly experienced team of employees with a wide range of skills and experience.

Innovation is a key element at Irish Pressings and we are focused on delivering the customer the best quality product at the most cost effective price. Our innovative methods are carried through all stages of production and our dedicated team of employees are an integral part of identifying new cost saving measures that benefit both Irish Pressings and our customers

The companies’ key strength is that we can work with customers through all stages of their pressed parts project from prototypes to tooling manufacture and finally to the supply of pressed parts combined with the ability to offer extensive experience in design and development and New Product Development (NPD). By offering all three levels of the project Irish Pressings can maintain a greater level of control over the cost and over the time required to complete the project. Much of the work at Irish Pressings is automated and requires minimal labour content which allows them to maintain a lower operating cost with high levels of efficiency which has increased the companies level of competitiveness in what is a highly competitive marketplace.


We provide our customers with a complete solution to all pressing requirements as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. Tight quality controls ensure that we provide our customers with the best quality components.

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All our tooling is designed and manufactured in-house. This offers us an advantage in project control and timing management and this is supported by our in-house flame cutting machines, wire erosion machines, waterjet, vacuum furnace, milling machines and assembly stations.

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At Irish Pressings we utilise highly effective Dynaform simulation software that allows us to confirm tooling designs and material selection. This allows us ensure that before any parts are manufactured we have examined all options to ensure that the part is produced in the most cost effective way.

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