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Innovating for the future

Innovation and R&D are key features of Irish Pressing’s identity. 

We are focused on delivering the customer the optimal quality solution at the most cost-effective price. Our innovative methods are carried through all production stages and our dedicated team of employees are an integral part of identifying new cost saving measures that benefit both Irish Pressings and our customers.

Acknowledging the major transition that faces the automotive sector in the coming years, Irish Pressings is committed to developing a dedicated R&D facility to ensure that the products and services that we offer are future-proofed for the demands of the evolving automotive and engineering industries. 

Irish Pressings intends to position itself amongst the vanguard of innovators in design for the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industries.

We are always open to participate in research collaborations with Universities, Colleges and research firms. In this regard we are currently engaged with both the WiSAR Lab at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) and the PEM Research Group at Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo) on several exciting projects.

For further information and queries, please feel free to contact us.