Operator working with robotic welding arm

Precision welding services

In addition to our tooling, machining and related services that we offer, Irish Pressings can also offer precision welding services and welded assemblies to our customers.

Welded assemblies are made from custom made components using high quality Robotic welding techniques. All welded assemblies undergo various quality inspections to ensure that the welding process itself is fully monitored and the requirements of our customers are met.

Our robotic welding cells have helped to transform the welding sector as it allows for consistency, a high level of efficiency and ensure that high levels of quality are maintained. Irish Pressings is committed to continually investment and upgrade of machinery and equipment to ensure that we offer the optimal level of service to our customers.

The theme of quality assurance which features across every aspect of Irish Pressings’ operations, is further strengthened by our macro-testing facilities which guarantees our clients the highest levels of welding quality.

Our welding services are available as a stand-alone service. For any welding queries or requirements you might have, please feel free to get in touch using the contact us function.