Design & Simulation

Design and simulation is a vital part of product development allowing both Irish Pressings and our customers to work towards pre-specified targets and ensuring that we only manufacture parts that meet both “fit and function” requirements whist exceeding our customers exacting quality standards and cost-requirements. 


At Irish Pressings all of our tooling is designed and manufactured in-house by our highly-skilled toolmaking team. This ability to design and manufacture “in-house” offers us an advantage over our competitors in terms of project control, cost and time-management.

One of our key-strengths at Irish Pressings is our ability to work with the customer on all stages of tooling development.

Metal Stamping

At Irish Pressings we provide our customers with a complete solution to their metal stamping and pressing requirements, ensuring the highest of quality standards whilst constantly striving for efficiencies in the production process.

CNC Machining Centre


Working to tight-tolerances, Irish Pressings offer a superior quality machining service with a quick turnaround time.

All aspects of the machining work are carried out in-house by our highly skilled team of operators and programmers meaning that we maintain tight-control over the quality and efficiency of the service provided.


Welded assemblies are manufactured using custom-made components through high quality Robotic welding techniques

Welded assemblies are made from custom made components through high quality Robotic welding techniques.

Weld Testing

As with all stages of the Irish Pressings production process, providing assurance about the quality of our welding services is an essential aspect of the comprehensive service that we offer.

In this regard, we have a dedicated laboratory for weld-testing in-house.

R & D

Research, Development and Innovation are key elements of Irish Pressings’ operations.

The Engineering sector, and the Automotive industry in particular, is evolving at an astonishing rate. The global automotive industry seems to have made a definitive shift towards electrification of the vehicle fleet with many major OEMs detailing their intention to phase out traditional fossil-fuelled vehicles over the next 10-20 years.


Quality assurance is key to the continued success of Irish Pressings.
From the outset, Irish Pressings has strived to provide customers with the highest quality produce that meets and exceeds our customer’s requirements.

When it comes to on-site production, we employ industry-leading technologies – including Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and the Equator gauging system – to ensure that quality standards are being met.