Tooling design and manufacture

Design and Manufacture of Tooling

At Irish Pressings, all of our tooling is designed and manufactured in-house.

This capability offers us the highest degree of flexibility and offers us a competitive advantage in both project control and time-management.

Our tooling capabilities on-site are supported by an extensive range of high-level equipment and machinery including in-house gas-flame cutting machines, wire erosion machines (EDM), 2D and 3D CNC Machining, waterjet cutter, vacuum furnace, milling machines and assembly stations.

As part of the tooling development process, we liaise with the customer at all stages to ensure the highest level of service and to provide a safeguard that the final product meets the customers exact specifications and requirements.

To assist in the design of our press tools, we utilise the industry-leading Vero Visi (CAD CAM) software which allows us to complete strip layouts-to-conceptual design of the press tooling prior to customer approval and manufacture.

Once the tooling has been approved, manufactured and assembled we have the ability to try-out all tools at production speed in-house on our own production presses to ensure we meet the high standards required by our customer.

At Irish Pressings, we work closely with the customer to manufacture prototypes as cost effectively as possible for pre-production analysis and testing. Our extensive experience in the production of pressed parts and tooling has offered us many insights into the design of components and we use this knowledge and experience to aid the customer in the development of their prototypes.