Design and Simulation

At Irish Pressings, all of our tooling is designed and manufactured in-house. This capability offers us the highest degree of flexibility and offers us a competitive advantage in both project control and time-management.

To assist in the design of our press tools, we utilise the industry-leading Vero Visi (CAD CAM) software which allows us to complete strip layouts-to-conceptual design of the press tooling prior to customer approval and manufacture.

Dynaform simulation software facilitates confirmation of tooling designs and material selection at the earliest possible stage and allows us to examine all options pre-production to ensure a part will be produced in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Tool Manufacture

Our in-house tooling manufacture facility is equipped with all the required machinery and equipment including:

  • Waterjet Cutting;
  • Gas-Flame Cutting;
  • 2D and 3D CNC Machining Centres (Hurko, Hartford, Mazak, Bridgeport, HAAS, Huron);
  • Wire Electrical Discharge (EDM) Machines (Alpha, Fanuc, Sodick);
  • CNC Lathe;
  • Grinding Machines.


Working to tight-tolerances, we offer a top of the range service with a fast turnaround time and all aspects of the work is carried out in-house by our highly skilled team of operators and programmers.


Close up of CNC machine preparing a new tool
CNC Machining Centre in operation

Tool Assembly and Try-Out

Our tool-room is operated by a highly-skilled team of qualified toolmakers with vast amounts of tooling experience from all over the world.

We also participate in the National Toolmaking Apprenticeship scheme and actively recruit keen and highly skilled engineering students to join the Irish Pressings team to learn their trade.

One of Irish Pressings’ USP is our ability to offer tool try-out at full production speed on-site prior to customer approval. This significantly reduces lead-time and provides our customers with 100% quality assurance.